This blog started after I created a Teenager band inspired on Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, where all the 3 boys were their fans, but things changed after I created Eric and Dylan themselves for my game. I became recently a Columbiner, and am truly interested and obsessed for Eric ad Dylan and the victims as well. I am not indifferent to the suffering of the parents of the victims, I never bullied their memories, but I identify with the killers. I believe they had all the right to do this massacre, but they killed the wrong people, they should have killed those who bullied them, but we all know what they wanted it was body count! I am anti-social, therefore I do not care for what people think about me or say about me! Das ist mir Egal!
Eric Harris and Dylan klebold Sims

Right now. … This love by Sarah Brightman.

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Please remove the cows from the picture

Truly love this Movie

This is the man who has been dubbed the Russian grave-robber after 29 female bodies that he dressed up as dolls were found at his apartment.

After one man’s finger was irreversibly mangled in a car accident and amputated, he asked to keep it. He took it home; boiled with salt and ate it. Another man, obsessed with cannibalism, decided chop off his fingers and cook them as well.