This blog started as a blog dedicated to my Sims based on Eric Harris but everything changed when I created Eric harris for my game and started posting about him, Dylan and Columbine, so now, this blog is about them, and about my dark side!
This blog shows who I am, but I also have a lighter version, but I am enjoying this at the best!
Eric Harris and Dylan klebold Sims

I could be a serial killer without any kind of problem.

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Important events marked

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Morticia, vampira and elvira.
Maila didn’t like Cassandra because she thought elvira was a copy of Vampira and tried to sue her!

Psycho on We Heart It -

oh no….

Dear, God! Why is this happening? I just want go home.
Supposedly, the last words Cassie was heard saying.
Another girl was asked if she believed in God.
I don’t care if I live or die. Go ahead, kill me.
Jeffrey Dahmer to Christopher Scarver.